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In the Shop

In the Shop

Truck Repairman The Shaw repair center bridges the gap between an old-school mechanics shop and a technologically advanced, full-service automotive hub. We maintain the following specialty tools and shop equipment on premises in order to provide you the best possible service:
  • 100 Ton Press
  • U-Bolt Bender
  • Hunter Computerized Alignment
In addition to this advanced machinery, we also stock a huge inventory of quality brand-name parts, including:
  • Triangle Spring
  • Flagg Suspension
  • Hendrickson Genuine Parts
  • Automann Parts
  • Timbren Parts (Shaw Fuel is a Timbren authorized dealer)
So call ahead at 518-793-7755 and stop in at 1470 Route 9 in Fort Edward for all of your automotive repair, maintenance and inspection needs.

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