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Go Green with Propane!

It just doesn't get any greener. Believe it or not, propane is the cleanest-burning hyrdrocarbon fuel on Earth. Though refined fuels and petroleum products are often perceived as environmentally unfriendly pollutants, propane produces exhaust emissions that exceed the national and state requirements for "clean fuel vehicles" and surpass eco-friendly expectations all across the board.
  • We offer quick and professional tank sets for all of our customers.
  • No annual tank rental fees for propane heating customers.
  • Super low prices on propane Pre-Buy program!
  • Dozens of BBQ tank exchange locations — click on list to see where they are on the map.

Refer a Friend or Neighbor:

Any existing customer of Buhrmaster Propane or Shaw Propane who refers a Friend or Neighbor to us for Propane Delivery Service on an automatic basis for Heating or Greater level of use will receive 50 gallons of free propane as well as the new customer will also receive 50 gallons of free propane at the same time.

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